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Boat Slips

The depths of the waters of Deep Creek Lake near the shoreline dictate the usability of the near-shore-line for boat slips. Most boats on the waters of Deep Creek Lake have a draft in the range of 1.5 ft to 4 ft. This means that, in order to accommodate essentially all types of boats, we should have a minimum water depth at any time during the boating season of at least 4 ft.

There is a lot of talk about boats being in trouble when the lake level goes below a certain value. It is not known what that value is nor how many boats actually do get in trouble.

It is suggested that we can fairly easily determine what slips become unusable, when and where, and perhaps suggest some relocation of slips or assess the possibility of extending the boat slip ramps further into the lake

This problem was initially addressed in the summer of 2012.


  1. A Powerpoint presentation about the "Positioning of Boat Slips"
  2. Other reports can be found in the document archives of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan work.