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Lake Level Data

DeepCreekHydro(Brookfield) monitors the lake level on a frequent basis. The current lake level measurement is reported on their website. The measurement, as reported on their website, appears to be made at basically 5 or 10 minute intervals. Longer records than a single measurement are often needed to perform various analyses. The following graph displays the lake level history for the past seven days.

Lake Levels for the Past 7 Days

Brookfield does report daily average lake level in their annual reports. It's not obvious how they measure the average and how they treat missing data. Here are the daily average lake levels as extracted from their annual reports. The following is an image of the first few records of one of these files:

Daily Average Lake Levels

The above data were extracted from the Deep Creek Hydro Project's annual reports. For completeness, these reports can be downloaded from this website by clicking on any of the links below

The author of this website has dedicated a Mac computer in his basement to "scrape," every 10 minutes, the home page of the DeepCreekHydro website and accumulated various data sets. They are cleaned up, with erroneous measurements deleted, and provided as text files above.

A complementary and more complete set of 10 minute data are provided here courtesy of Jeff Leeks who conducted a similar effort for the years 2012 through 2016. The following is an image of the first few lines of one of the files to better understand the tab-delimited layout of the extracted from the raw files he provided:

10 Minute Lake Levels