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Garrett County has many points of interest, both scenic and historic. One area of interest is the mile-long ridge of Little Snaggy Mountain in the Thousand Acres area, which rises over 400 feet above the water, offering sweeping views of the Lake and surrounding mountains. A saddle across Little Snaggy opens onto Saw Mill Hollow, where one of the county's major sawmills was located in the late 1800's. The southern portion of the Thousand Acres property includes gently sloping meadows and woodlands, along with the springs and glades (a glade is an open space in a wood or forest) and several old family farms. Nestled between the north and south are the rolling hollows and spring-fed streams of Poland Run, named for the bootlegger John Poland. The entire area was one of the favorite hunting and fishing grounds of Meshach Browning, whose autobiography "Forty-Four Years in the Life of a Hunter" is the most famous description of life in Garrett County in the early 1800's. A copy of that book can be purchased at several locations in the area.


  • Overlooked Md. summit Backbone: Hoye-Crest, the state's highest point, is hard to find. The Backbone Mountain spot was envisioned in the 1974 Garrett County general plan as a possible site for a scenic highway, but it didn't happen.
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