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Sang Run River Temperatures

This is not quite the proper designation, but that's how these measurements are generally referred to. These are temperature measurements of the water in the Youghiogheny river, taken during a 3-month summer period near the Sang Run River bridge, that is, where the Sang Run stream comes into the Youghiogheny river.

The purpose of these temperature measurements is to aid in the prediction of a release of water through the powerplant in order to keep the yough temperatures below 25 C so that trout can survive.

The following files contain the temperatures recorded at the Sang Run bridge for the months of June - August. Click on the links to download them. The temperatures are in °C. These are text files. The data is 'clean'. All the data points are in sequence. An occasional value may be missing from the regular spaced set, but that's because there was a 'bad' data point. The following is an image of the first few records of one of these files:

Sang Run Data


  1. Most of the reports can be found on the document archives of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan work.